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I am passionate and expressive, driven by a profound sense of adventure and creativity. I was born in England but made in France!

I have lived most of my adult life in France and now live in Brighton. France is where I developed my creative side through the love of dance and musical theatre. My quirky, British creativity is combined with the French confidence to be myself!

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As a child, I loved to dress up, create dance shows and use my imagination to make people laugh. This flair for performance followed me into adulthood, where I became a dance fitness teacher. I quickly realised that the best way to teach was to use my own unique style - one that was infused with humour and creativity. My students always responded positively to my classes, and they learned more than just dance; they also learned how to be themselves and have fun.

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While living in France I was given the opportunity to create choreography for musicals, school plays and shows. For over 15 years, I taught children, teenagers and adults alike. What I loved most was learning how to break through barriers and encourage the more reticent participants to take centre stage, never allowing anyone to feel left out. I create a safe space to inspire people to express themselves individually and as a group. My curiosity about how to create something simple that would look amazing on stage fuelled my imagination and allowed me to experiment and innovate. 

With over 20 years of experience in the dance, fitness and wellness industry, I have become an international presenter, working at events and retreats abroad. My passion is to empower people through dance inspired experiences to let go and feel good about themselves. Dancing has always been a huge part of my life. I believe that when we feel good on the inside, we can truly shine from the outside.


Recently, I have also become a silent disco facilitator - using headphones to shut out the outside world and lower inhibition. It is fascinating to witness how this unique form of entertainment can bring people together and create inclusion. I love seeing how people connect when they're freed from the constraints of normal social norms. Dancing is just the beginning - it's amazing to see how people let their guard down and truly open up when they're in a silent disco environment!


Today, I am the founder and creator of The Showdance Experience®. I saw a gap in the market and the opportunity to bring this theatrical experience to different groups of people and create connection and joy. Children, teenagers, men and women all need an opportunity to express themselves physically, release their inner child and find their joy. The Showdance Experience provides this opportunity.


I want to empower people by offering unique experiences and creating a space where they can be themselves and find community with others. In this inclusive, liberating and entertaining environment I help individuals unleash their inner dancer and have fun!


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